Play CDs, MP3s, M4As, and more with ease.

GOM Audio is a free audio player designed to make it simple to
listen to CDs, MP3s, M4As, and other popular audio formats on your PC.
GOM Audio implements many of the features and shortcuts used
in GOM Media Player to further enhance the playback experience.

Why use GOM Audio?

  • FREE
    100% Free!
    GOM Audio is completely free to download, install, and use for as long as you want. No strings attached.
  • FREE
    From the Creators of GOM Media Player
    GOM Audio was designed to be the audio playback answer to thepopular GOM Media Player video playback software. Because GOM Audio is based on GOM Media Player, many of the same features (like A-B Repeat and Playback Speed controls) and shortcuts are included!
  • FREE
    Listen to Internet Radio
    Several popular internet radio stations come pre-loaded for convenient listening, and just like GOM Media Player, GOM Audio can open and play streams of live broadcasts from all over the world that are hosted online.
  • FREE
    Power Options
    Automatically shutdown, restart, or put your computer to sleep when your playlists reach the end. Fall asleep while listening to music without worring about your PC being on all night!
  • FREE
    Low Resource Usage
    It doesn’t take much to run GOM Audio, so you won’t need to close other programs or micro-manage your resource usage in order to play your music smoothly. You can also use GOM Audio’s Mini Player mode to lock playback controls to the taskbar for easy access and reduced clutter on your screen.
  • FREE
    Choose Your Skin
    GOM Audio’s default skin has 3 different display modes to choose From, and you can change your skin entirely by choosing a new one from the preferences window.


Supported OS:
Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
*64bit and 32bit versions supported

Supported audio formats:
Audio CDs / MP3 / M4A / OGG / WMA / WAV /MID / FLAC / APE / PLS
* Audio that is encoded in AAC is supported when saved as .M4A

Useful Features

  • Change Playback Speed (0.1x to 2.0x)
  • A-B Repeat
  • Equalizer
  • Audio Effects (Reverb, Surround, Normalize)
  • Shuffle
  • Playlists
  • Edit ID3 Tags
  • Change Skins
  • Plugin Support
  • Power Options
  • Open Internet Streams

Comments and Requests

Official Customer Support for GOM Audio is not offered at this time!
Although we currently do not offer customer support for GOM Audio, we would still like to hear your opinions and requests. To send us a comment, please useThe mail form located on this page.

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