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Views: 15,918 Date: 2015. 06. 17

In the GOM Audio menu, select Preferences, or press F5 on the keyboard, the following configuration window will appear.


1. Reset

 When you click the Reset button, GOM Audio, you can revert to the default configuration values.

☞ When the music does not appear, click the "Reset" button often troubleshooting.


2. General

If you check the 'always on top' button the GOM Audio player dashboard will stay on the top of the window screen.

If you check box  'on top while playing'  you check the the GOM Audio player dashboard will appear at the top of the

window screen only during playback.


3. GOM Audio Position

1) Use (X) button to minimize: Press the (X) button on the GOM Audio window rather then minializing the window and

you will still be able to hear your music.


4. GOM Audio Run Settings

If you check the box for "Launch on Windows Start-up" and "Start playing when launched"  music will be conviently

played automatically following the boot up of Windows.


5. Fade In/Out Function (Crossfade)

When you start the music, the volume will slowly increase (fade-in function) and when you stop the music the volume

will gradually be reduced(fade out function).


6. The power management function

In order to say power you can set the controls so that  your computer will stop playing music after a certain length

of time and automatically shutdown.


7. Move the time setting during playback

It is possible to do if you adjust the mobile unit during playback to 20 seconds, and the keyboard 'arbitrarily set' movement

unit (s) of the play arrow button to 20 seconds by skipping the music when clicked.