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Views: 15,651 Date: 2015. 06. 17


1. File Extensions


GOM Audio can play music when you select the correct file extension.  If the music files are set to be played by

a program other then 'GOM Audio', click "Select All", the click on the "OK" button.


2.   Other File Options

1) When inserting a CD, GOM Audio has an automatic playback detection function. If you insert a CD in your computer,

you will be able to use GOM Audio to listen to your music directly.


2) Compressed file support (right-click menu): When you have compressed music files, click to open the file, and select

"GOM Play Audio", you can listen to music without having to decompress the file.


3) To add an item to a playlist use the right-click menu in the file folder in Windows Explorer: If you right-click a file in

Windows Explorer, the song can be added to the playlist of GOM Audio.