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Introduction to syncing lyrics in GOM Audio for PC

Views: 22,597 Date: 2016. 07. 21

Do not be disappointed if there are no lyrics synced to your music.

The lyrics might not be shown because they are not connected to your music yet, even if those lyrics already exist.

The lyrics will be synced and displayed automatically if you search for them and connect them to your music.


After your music starts playing, search for lyrics to sync by title or artist, and then select the appropriate lyrics.

When you find a set of lyrics that you like, click Edit Sync Lyrics, and then click Finish when the mode switches to Edit Sync Lyrics mode. That’s it! The process is all finished when “The selected lyrics have been connected to your music” message appears. It couldn’t be any easier! J


If there are no lyrics available to sync with your music after you search, you can become the first person that uploads them by clicking Edit Sync Lyrics.


1. Introduction to syncing lyrics in GOM Audio (F10)

 : Under the Sync Lyrics tab in GOM Audio Mini Web, you can view the lyrics synced to your music.


※ If no synced lyrics are displayed automatically by GOM Audio when you start playing your music, then try searching for them.
If you want to view the same synced lyrics for your music in the future, search for and sync those lyrics in the Edit Sync Lyrics menu by following these steps. Your synced lyrics will show up automatically and you won’t have to search for them again.


① Click the magnifying glass icon and enter the title or the artist of the lyrics you for searching for.
② When lyrics are available on the server, the number of them will appear.
③ You can sync lyrics that have been uploaded by another user. (Click the arrow buttons on the left or right.)

④ Select a set of lyrics from among the search results and they will always be displayed for that music in the future.

⑤ You can report any lyrics that have errors.
⑥ You can also edit lyrics or upload your own lyrics.


2. Editing or creating your own lyrics
If there are no lyrics available to sync, or the wrong lyrics have been uploaded, you can edit or create them yourself.


① Search for any matching lyrics uploaded to the server. 
② When editing the synchronization of the lyrics, you can adjust the playback volume and playback speed.
③ Enter/edit the sync times and then add/modify the lyrics.


① Import synced lyrics or general lyrics from an external lyrics file or an ID3 tag.
② Restore the settings and edited content to their default settings.
③ Enter the lyrics in 1 to 3 lines according to your preferences, phonetic pronunciation, or the translated version.
④ Set your music to not have lyrics.
⑤ If you enter a time, then the music will start after a countdown of that much time.
⑥ After starting to play your music, you can click [∧] to initialize the time or click [∨] to enter the time to sync the lyrics.
⑦ You can fine tune or test the synchronization of your lyrics by selecting 1 Line, Section, or Total.


3. List of hot keys for syncing lyrics

Hot key Function Hot key Function
"-" 1 line -1 second "+" 1 line +1 second
Shift + "-" 1 line -0.1 second Shift + "+" 1 line +0.1 second
Ctrl + "-" Total -1 second Ctrl + "+" Total +1 second
Ctrl + Shift + "-" Total -0.1 second Ctrl + Shift + "+" Total +0.1 second


※ After you upload your lyrics, you can find them on the Sync Lyrics page immediately. However, it will take about 30 minutes until your lyrics become available in the Search window.