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I can not play mid file.

Views: 7,956 Date: 2017. 10. 23

If the mid file does not play, connect SoundFont.

SoundFont is supported by GOM Audio in or later.


[How to connect if there is no sound font]


1. Check if SoundFont is connected


- After executing GOM Audio, pressing the shortcut key Alt + Shift + M will bring up the SoundFont information dialog. At this time, if "no soundfont" is displayed in the information display area, the sound font is not connected.





2. If you do not have a sound font, download a sound font (.sf2) file

- You can download sound font file by searching with sf2 or sound font etc. on search site.
- Below you can download the sound font from the URL.




3. Connect SoundFont to GOM Audio

-> If you click [Replace] button in the SoundFont Info dialog box, a dialog box for selecting sound font file will appear and select the sound font file that you have downloaded or have.
Once selected, the information of the sound font is displayed and it can be used normally.