GOM Audio

Version History

Version Description
    • Improve Sync lyrics and fix errors
    • Added function to set time interval between playback songs
    • Improved multimedia keyboard volume control
    • Compressed files also provide stream information
    • Improve playlists and fix errors
    • Minor improvements and bugs fixed
    • Fixed an issue where continuous playback was not working properly when using WASAPI output in previous version
    • Fixed bugs related to Sync Lyrics Editor
    • Minor improvements and bugs fixed
    • Improved to provide sync lyrics and album images even in compressed files
    • Fixed fade in/out bug
    • Minor improvements and bugs fixed
    • Added voice filter feature
    • Provides float(4Byte) output option
    • Guide to setting up connection programs according to Windows10 policy
    • Fixed minor bugs
    • Add an audio icon to playable files
    • Add Korean Synclyrics automatic conversion function
    • Add 'Paste' mode in Sync Lyrics Editor
    • Fix error that certain formats were not played in Sync Lyrics Editor
    • Other bug fixes
    • The default skin Equalizer window UI / UX improvements

    • Streaming playback even sound effects Support

    • Add the playback supported formats such as DSD (Direct Stream Digital)

    • Fixed an issue when a high-resolution monitor DPI settings layout is broken

    • Other bug fixes
    • Improve default skin UI/UX
    • Add LRC import on desktop lyric window
    • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

    New Features

    • Changing the Playback Module
    • Add sound effects
    • ASIO, WASAPI output support

    New Features

    • Synclyrics editor multiple run
    • GOM Remote connection
    • Playlist window resizing


    • Synclyrics editing features and UI
    • Synclyrics shortcut key
    • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes


    New Features

    • Visualizer function
    • Keyboard options control


    • Option to change playlist play order
    • Playlist playback function
    • Automatic alignment function when adding files
    • Keyboard or mouse wheel to change the volume
    • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes
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